Big News for Katami Designs! We have opened a new multi-designer workspace and retail gallery for both Katami Designs and other emerging artists.  I intend to grow my own business with the new work/gallery space and give back to the community that has supported me by giving other emerging designers a chance to grow their businesses as well. 
The Katami Designs studio will forge a creative and collaborative environment that reaches beyond traditional retail and into the world of art. A curated collection of art will also be featured in the studio, on a rotating basis.  Fashion and art have a rich history together, and both of them reflect the cultural landscape of the moment. I plan to bring the two of them together in my space, so artists and designers can share inspiration, business ideas, and clientele.
The studio is located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, at 138 Broadway East, just steps away from the bustling art studios, boutiques on Main Street.  
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