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Negar Khatami's Otas Collection

Posted on May 12, 2016 by Katami | 0 comments

Otas (оташ) pronounced Otash, Tajik for fire, is the newest collection by Negar Khatami for Summer 2016.

These bracelets feature antique tassels from a tiny little shop at Grand Bazaar in Istanbul that Negar hand picked. They are handmade by Tajik women to decorate their homes. When Negar handpicked these tassels in Turkey, she pictured the women creating these magnificent pieces. They create them to adorn their homes and caravans that their husband would travel with, wishing them luck and safety until they returned home. Negar complemented these found art pieces with Pyrite, which resembles fire, and in many cultures, symbolizes health, good luck, and a vessel to ward off evil spirits.

From women of generations before her, to you, Negar Khatami wishes the wearer of this capsule collection a life full of great luck and happiness.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are offered for a limited time!

You can find these in-store only, at Katami Designs Studio & Gallery.

138 E Broadway, Vancouver

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