Exquisite Lines

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I am thrilled to announce that Katami Designs is presenting 'Exquisite Lines' a series of artwork by Rachael Ashe, a multi-talented local artist. This exhibition begins on May 7, 2015 at 6:30pm and will be on until Mid June. 
If you are planning on joining us on the reception night on May 7th or any time after, make sure you read this biography on Rachael.
In my opinion, Rachael is a very modest, down to earth and super friendly artist, when secretly she carries all these accomplishments under her belt. I have to admit that when I saw her artwork for the first time, I couldn't choose which piece to take with me to show you at my gallery. There is a very powerful and somewhat mysterious feeling when you see her artwork. It takes you to a world beyond. Whether her art is hand cut or hand drawn, the lines in her creations quietly take you to a magnificent place where it is whimsical, magical and, free.
Here's is what I found out about this very beautiful and humble girl, and I think you should know too!
A multidisciplinary artist, Rachael began her career as a graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College, specializing in portraiture and toy cameras. Over the past six years her focus has evolved from photography to paper-based work, notably altered book sculpture, paper cutting, and paper-based installations. Rachael is process driven, with a belief in learning by doing and is constantly experimenting to push the boundaries of her work as an artist.

Her recent commissions have included a folded paper construction made from reclaimed maps for Vancity Credit Union, as well as the engineering of ten full-sized paper musical instruments for Giant Ant creative studio. Rachael has also created paper-based public art installations for Container Art Vancouver, the Illuminares Lantern Festival, and If These Walls Could Talk at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.
Rachael has exhibited in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and the UK, as well as been published in numerous books and magazines. Her work is held in private collections across Canada and the US. She lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Hope to see you all on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 6:30pm @ 138 E. Broadway. Our opening reception is on until 8:30pm and Rachael will be there to talk more about her artwork & the inspirations behind each piece!
*All photos are Courtesy of Rachael Ashe

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