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What a fun Day!

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Katami | 0 comments

I've been dying to put this post up for you. I had such a fun day at Bloedel Conservatory for Mother's Day. They know how to put a great event on, and did they ever make it happen!

We arrived in the morning for set up and little did we know that this lovely lady, Sinfor Wong, had everything under control, and greeted us with her beautiful smile and lead us in. She is one of the top event planners in Vancouver and we got the opportunity to chat with her during her busy day. I am hoping that she could fit me in her busy schedule for our 1 year anniversary of my Studio & Gallery that is coming up on June 25th. Fingers crossed! 

It took us about 45 minutes to focus on our actual task of setting up as we were so distracted by the birds and all their morning activities. It was a bit tough for me to focus on setting up as Art was showing off and dancing his cute dance. Look for yourself

When we realized the time, we had to scramble and set up so quick to be ready for the visitors at 10am, our first one turned out to be a super cute one!

Margaret Prat, President of Vancouver Orchid Society was at the Conservatory. I was thrilled to meet her and learn very valuable tips on how to take care of my orchids. In case you didn't know, I am an Orchid lover. www.vancouverorchidsociety.ca

There were volunteers there to help kids plant herbs for their moms. I mean, how fun, working with your hands creating and then have something pretty to give as a gift. Isn't that pretty much what I do all day? 

Shortly after the opening, we heard this beautiful voice singing live and the sound of Ukulele that was so mesmerizing. Well, what can I say, Sinfor had it all planned out. We had live music by Roan, a local singer from Vancouver!

And then there it came, their lunch time...

and right after, their nap time

I am so grateful I had my team with me at the Conservatory so I could visit the lovely birds and be able to capture a few moments of my fun day for you. 

Outside of the dome, Vicky, one of the best volunteers you could ever ask for, had a booth set up for all the ticket holders to pick up their gift bags. Inside that bag, I had my Umay pendant in Sterling silver. I am so grateful for having my work included in the gift bag. It was a true pleasure making 300 pieces. If you'd like this pendant in 18K gold, it is available at Bloedel Conservatory's gift shop as well as on my website.

Sinfor didn't let you go hungry either! She had goodies from Truffles Fine Foods, super friendly people with a lot of delicious food choices! www.trufflesfinefoods.com

Look at the view they were looking at! Queen Elizabeth Park extending to the rest of beautiful Vancouver!

I'd like to say on behalf of all of us at Katami Designs: THANK YOU to all of you beautiful people at Bloedel Conservatory, all volunteers and staff. We are so grateful for being included on this special event. You made our day and gave us so much love! 

And thank you to all of you who joined us, for your support & love. You are the reason why we do what we do! It was so nice meeting you all.

Please don't forget that our next celebration is our 1st anniversary on June 25th at my Gallery. I will be sending out an email to invite you to our event, so make sure you sign up here by entering your email address. Also, I have an account on Instagarm , Twitter & Facebook . Follow me as I have daily updates on these accounts. 





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