She said YES!

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She said YES!

As you all know, the wedding season is on its way and for me as a Goldsmith, I become more on demand for creating wedding bands, repurposing stones or recycling old precious metal jewelry for a fresh start.

This blog is about a beautiful couple named Sally & Paul. I've known Sally for quite a number of years and met Paul a few months ago, when I received a call from Sally that they'd like to meet with me at my studio.

I was so excited to hear that they have decided to get married in July 2015 & wanted me to create their wedding bands. What a delight!

Sally had her mom's wedding band that she wanted to somehow incorporate with her own. I love doing these projects as it brings a piece of history with it to the present time. I love the filigree design on the side of this ring. Also, if you look closely, you can see the mill grain on the top edges of the ring. Just love it!

Also, Sally and Paul both had their wedding bands from their previous marriages that they wanted to recycle. Again great decision as recycling gold is one of my specialties.

So, I started the design process and quickly followed up with a suggestion Sally had made to keep her mom's ring as an integral part of the design. To do so, I ground out the blue glass stones and was very cautious of not loosing the mill grains on the edges. Next I hand carved new rings, cast them in 14k yellow gold by using the old gold & adding new to cover for the weight, and after cleaning/polishing, I inserted Sally's inside her mom's band and soldered it in its place. Time consuming but very well set. 

Next up was to clean and polish Paul's band and Voila!

I am so happy & honoured to be a small part of this celebration.

If you have old precious metal jewelry that you'd like to use, repurpose stones or have your engagement ring or wedding band custom made, please contact me at or call me at (604)559-3872, I'd be happy to help you. 



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