Polishing Away!

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So, earlier today I posted a photo on my Instagram account letting you know what I was doing at that time, which was polishing a few new pieces.

I ended up working late and didn't get a chance to check my emails until half an hour ago. A few of you lovely friends have sent me an email asking what I was polishing. 

I was polishing a few new designs in 14k gold and Sterling silver. I am thrilled how the new pieces look and very excited to share them with you. Since they are not finished, I decided to take a picture of a pair of earrings that are ready and I think they are so different and unique. Also, they represent me!  These earrings are carved in wax and cast into Sterling silver. 

I was inspired to make these earrings while I was watching a TV show, in which I saw this magnificent powerful eagle with amazing wings that were so hard to ignore. And that was the exact point that I decided to draw and create something. I wasn't sure what but I loved the lines on those wings. 

Did you notice that they are uneven? I am known for wearing mismatched earrings. After all, what is the fun to wear the same all the time?

I leave you with these photos for now but I will be on Instagram tomorrow for more updates.

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These earrings will be available online and in my gallery very soon. 

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day weekend to all my U.S. friends.






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