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I had the opportunity to meet a young lady on my last event 'Exquisite Lines' who was so fascinated and curious as to how I make jewellery. So, I decided to do a quick walk around my studio to tell her a little bit about how I work. I could see the sparks in her eyes and with her dad's suggestion, we quickly decided to meet the following Saturday to create a piece for her mom's birthday coming up on June 2nd, today!

We met right after her tap dance class and started our project. To my surprise, she had drawn a few designs and was well prepared.

I started off with the safety issues and dressed her up in the right gears and got to work. Safety First!


As we developed the pattern on silver sheet she told me that she'd like to make a ring and a necklace for mom. Sweet! I think I was excited to see the sparks in her eyes and couldn't wait to get to the finished pieces just to see her smile :)

Anyway, as we were working and having fun making funny faces and pretending we were famous people singing and dancing, I managed to take a few photos to email to her parents for a report of our fun day!


Isn't she adorable!

She is hammering her mom's ring to make it perfectly round. I think we are having a future designer here...

If you noticed the outfit change, it's because some photos were taken on the following Saturday when Lady 'L', the jewellery designer, came in to finish off the projects with me. 

Here she is modelling the polished piece. Lady 'L' had given me the exact size of the the pendant plus how she wanted me to solder branches to frame the pendant. Her idea was to make a picture frame pendant hung on a sterling silver chain for mom to have her and her little brother's photo with her all the time. I forgot to take a photo of the ring...silly me...

The chain is hammered and antiqued to give it a somewhat old look. Later I asked their dad to send me a photo of lady 'L' and her brother and I shrunk it to fit the frame. So, today is mom's birthday and I am so happy that Lady 'L' has her gifts ready to surprise mom with.

Happy Birthday!

I am planning on having 1 Day camps during the Summer for our young aspiring jewellers. If you are interested please contact me and we will set up a time to meet.





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