We just turned ONE!

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Last night marked the 1 year anniversary of Katami Designs Studio & Gallery and we celebrated it with our friends and family. It was a place to be and to be seen, a room full of art, artists, loved ones and friends. I cannot thank you enough for all your support and love in the past year. You have made it very special for me and allowed me to follow my heart and turn my passion into something bigger than I had imagined. So, thank you all and I am looking forward to another year of creativity & connections and continued heartfelt gratitude & humility.

I am adding a few photos of the event for those of you who were not able to attend. We missed you there.

Starting with the one and only Sinfor Wong, my gorgeous friend and event planner who lent me a hand to organize this party.


Janelle Nadeau, an incredibly talented Harpist, she made it very special for us. Make sure to click on her name and there you get to hear her take you out of this world with her music. 


Michael Griffin, our featured artist with Amanda Ross, editor of Vancouver Magazine. 


Former Mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan, his beautiful wife Lynn Zanatta & us. Lynn is the orgaznier of The Public Salon events in Vancouver. The next event is in October, make sure to check their website for the details, as we will be there to meet you. Global Civic Policy Society 


Amanda Ross, editor of Vancouver Magazine and I


Sheri Radford of Where Vancouver Magazine 


Michelle Addison, celebrity stylist, with her cute nugget Stella


Jennifer Scott from The Westender had her eyes on the evil eye ring, Nazar. 


Eva Koumbis, Janice Cameron, Sophia Koumbis GM of Blubird. My fabulous friends.


From left to right, Luyi Wang, Kaitie Probst, Vilya Ou & me


To die for food & cocktails by the lovely people at Chicha Restaurant. 


Sally Emmerson, a dear friend and client


David George a fantastic artist from Montreal


Dawn Archer of Hush Magazine and her cuteness Sophia


Steve Fong, the guru the Master Goldsmith, one of my mentors


And last but not least, MY LOVE, Darrin Pezer. I am the luckiest girl in the world because I am loved by you.



All photos are done by Kyrani Kanavaros of Klik Photographic


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