Nature Girl

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With floral prints blossoming all around this spring, nature-inspired fashion flourishes this season. Beyond blooms, delicate hues, subdued colour palettes and rustic textures have ruled the runway, infusing a touch of Mother Nature into our wardrobe.

Thus, is the heart and sole of the La Vie collection. Branches, blossoms, waves and sea creatures serve as the inspiration behind these delicate jewelry pieces that connect the wearer with the earth. The finely crafted texture is a key element in these designs, creating a simple piece that can be paired easily with any outfit.

And since home is where the heart is, it’s no wonder why this collection was inspired by a crooked tree branch that Katami designer Negar discovered in Vancouver’s nature nirvana, Stanley Park. Layered together, pieces like the La Vie choker and Tendre necklace create a harmonious blend of golden beads and strands with textured sterling silver. When it comes to bracelets, the more the merrier – we love a playful mix of La Vie link branch, beads and Infinity bracelets. Pile them on for a multi-dimensional look. And of course, finishing touches like the La Vie branch drop earrings and Concave ring marry textured and sleek precious metals effortlessly.

However you choose to play it, La Vie is a stunning collection that allows us to get in touch with the chic side of nature. Mother Nature never looked so good!

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