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Office redesigning today 💕 thanks to Parliament Interior, Step Back, Apple Store,  Chocolate mouse kitchenware and Nespresso I am having a blast in my office. There is a lot more you can't see in the photo as I have a large collection of antique books, a few treasures from a cute bookstore in downtown, Paperhound a large selection of beautifully cut stones from my lovely and gorgeous friends in Montreal, a few of my personal photos, travel souvenirs and my extensive collection of erasers.

Yup, I collect erasers from all over the world. The only condition is that I have to be physically on location to purchase. It makes it more real for me ⭐️

Two things are quite visible in this photo. I had brought them with me from Iran. They carry a lot of memories with them and every time I see them I smile. One is the turquoise blue pottery vase that a friend of mine from high school gave me when I was 19 and we were both studying in the university then. I cherish that for eternity. The second is the piece of cloth you see on the chair that has a few colourful designs on it. I learned various kinds of stitches and art designs in one of our art classes when I was in middle school. I have also stitched my name on it in case I need a reminder in my old age💕 this cloth takes me way back with old friends who are living all over the world now with their own families and have accomplished so much to make this world a better place.

I am working away with some Jazz music in the background remembering all of you who have impacted my life in various ways to be who I am today, the creative artist who is trying to balance strength with the immense love in her heart. You see, culture, history, memories and emotions are a few things that lead me through my personal and artistic life. I am the kind who would love to sit with you, ask about your day and know about your generations before you. This is my way of connecting with your soul. This is how I learn to live. This is how I become creative. Thank you for allowing me to learn about you. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for being you. I am eternally grateful ❤️


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