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On Sunday, September 25th, I was able to catch the last day of the travelling "Hermès at Work" exhibition at the Jack Pool Plaza in Coal Harbour Vancouver. The event, which allows the skilled craftspeople that have made this brand endure for over a century, gave me a chance to interact with some of these individuals and witness their elaborate methods of creation.

"Hermès at Work" fulfilled all of my expectations and then some. It was so refreshing to see the extraordinary attention to detail involved in the creation of each and every piece. It became obvious to me very quickly that this brand has been able to produce such beautiful and durable pieces by using only the highest quality materials, made by some of the world's most experienced artisans, for almost 200 years. In doing so, Hermès has fashioned heirlooms that have be passed down from generation to generation, while still preserving their utmost condition.

While I was listening in on an artist talk about the highly-involved process of finding Cocoons, creating silk thread for weaving fabric, and constructing designs I realized that I was finding parallels between our practices at Katami Designs and the art pieces Hermès has been creating since 1837.


By the time I got a chance to meet the jewelry artist at her station, I was elated to see that we use the same casting methods, the same tools, and identical materials to those employed in my studio. I had such a pleasant chat with this artist, that left me feeling completely uplifted, and reassured that I was on the right path as a relatively new jewelry artist.


 It can be disheartening at times, to see how much attention some brands gain with products that are un-inspired, un-original, and factory-made in overseas, while more independent jewelry designers like myself, who cast their own gold and silver, carefully set hand-selected precious stones, and may even spend years perfecting a collection, are too-often overlooked. 

I strive to bridge the gap between the wearer and his or her jewelry, not only by remaining engaged in every step of the creation process, but also by conceiving collections that hold a deep significance to me and to those who choose to wear my pieces or bestow them to a loved one.

As I watched the artists at Hermès work at crafts they had spent their entire lives perfecting with pride, I was reminded that a keen attention to details, a commitment to using only the highest quality materials, and an unyielding passion for what I do, is the key to creating meaningful collections that endure throughout the ages. I remain inspired to continue creating Heirlooms for the Modern Woman at Katami Designs. Our jewelry can be passed down to the next generation, just like a timeless Hermès piece. As it is worn by different individuals, it begins to tell a story; one that remains as vibrant throughout the years as the jewelry itself.

To see more of my designs please come by my gallery at 138 E. Broadway, where all the ideas come to fruition, from a simple drawing to the actual piece in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Renate, Dutch for Reborn from my One-of-a- Kind collection, Aeme-Stelle. You can view this item, learn more about the reason for her creation and, purchase this item here




Katami Designs

Katami Designs

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