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On July 28th we opened the doors of our gallery to a new found, hidden gem of an artist, Jasem Qaisi. Jasem is a painter from Iraq that I had the opportunity to meet a few weeks ago in our gallery during our second anniversary event on June 2nd. 

Learning that he is from Iraq, ignited my curiosity as I had never met anyone from the country that we were in war with for nearly 8 years in the late 80's. Over the years, as a result of the war, I had created a big grudge and skewed perception of all the Iraqi people just based on what was going on in Iran, my homeland, during those 8 years. Preoccupied with my thoughts, I nearly missed the fact that Iraqi people were experiencing the same pains, fears and, losses as the rest of us in Iran.

I am so grateful for this chance to meet Jasem and have a new found appreciation for all people around the world who are experiencing conflicts in their homelands at the moment.

Jasem Qaisi's art brought us together on July 28th to celebrate life, movement, connection, humanity and, agility. Jasem is an impressionist who uses vivid colours and lines to create marvellous images on his canvas. 

In Heyday, Jasem aims to show the relationship between horses & feminine likeness in terms of movement, agility and life. The exhibition is on until September 8th, make a note of that and drop by to see his work of art while it is available at our gallery.


Pictured here, Sally and Paul, I had the opportunity to custom create their wedding bands. Curious to see what the rings look like? you can check out my 'She said YES' blog.


Sean Pacey, Owner of Pacey's Piano. Have you seen all the pianos in the city that are secretly popping up for general public to play in various parts of the city? Sean is the kind man behind them who is working effortlessly to create a fun environment for everyone around the city. There will be a piano appearing somewhere in Vancouver for the upcoming Mural Festival. I am looking forward to seeing where it will be landed.


Alejandra and her gorgeous friend Yolanda Montoya


 Jose´ Armando Arias & Yolanda Montoya


Jo & Brad

Jose, Fiorella Armoa & Kaitie Probst




Carl Dillon and friends



Love this picture, right in the moment, immersed in the paintings


Delicious food from the star of our neighbourhood, Chicha restaurant, just next to our gallery. Thank you ladies.

Hope to see you sometime during this exhibit. 

You will hear from me very soon for our next event for Vancouver Mural Festival that is happening in our back yard, literally! We are a part of the festival and I can not wait to share the details with you. 



Photography by House of Lucie

Food  Chicha

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Katami Designs

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