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Kieron Williamson - Plein Air Paintings

Posted on November 09, 2016 by Katami | 0 comments

With winter rapidly approaching, we have begun to pull out our best sweaters from storage and prepare for the holiday season in style! We have decided to go about things a bit differently this time around, drawing our focus to the creative youths that fill our lives with joy.

‘Potato Patch, Twilight’ 12th Exhibition |  2016 |  Oil on Board |  Picturecraft Gallery

'Potato Patch, Twilight', 2016, Oil on Board

This November, we will proudly be featuring the work of Kieron Williamson, a 14-year-old painting prodigy from Holt, Norfolk in England. Kieron began painting at the age of five, and has since then developed a passion for oil, watercolour, and pastel, which quickly developed into an extremely successful artistic career. At the age of 11, Kieron opted out of mainstream education to focus on his artistic career, and now spends the majority of his time painting outdoors, conducting research, and playing football (his other passion).

Kieron's subject matter mainly pertains to North Norfolk and the Broads, which evolved from a few sketches during a holiday in Cornwall, and eventually led him to his current international media fame and lightening fast sales at all of his UK exhibitions. He is one of the world’s youngest professional artists, and has sold and exhibited his work around the world. His 'plein air' paintings are collected all over the world, by all sorts of individuals. We are very lucky to be displaying a few of his artworks, which are on loan from a private Vancouver collector during the month of November. 

 Kieron’s highly developed practice and skill is incredible for a boy of his age, but it is also a reminder that a childlike imagination thrives in an artistic milieu, which is why we super excited about engaging kids in the community in our free November workshops!




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