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Just about two years ago I got to know about a really cool blog in Vancouver called Legallee Blonde through some friends in the industry. I became obsessed with her, how smart and down to earth she was and on top of everything else I found out that she is an actual Criminal lawyer! I always thought that it would be so awesome if one day I get a chance to work with her and in some magical way she'd be interested in my designs. 

Little I knew, a couple years later I asked her (Lee Taylor) to meet with me and surprise...she said YES!

We met on one typical rainy day in Vancouver over Chai tea at a coffee shop in Yaletown and it was an instant connection. It felt like I had known her for a very long time.

With her super busy schedule and a few travels on the horizon, she kindly set a time aside for me to have a photography session with the pieces she liked from my Aurum collection. And by then I felt like asking someone to please pinch this for real?!

I quickly called up my girlfriend Christine of BC Wedding Photography and got everything organized.

Here, Lee is wearing her Medallion layered with Rectangular necklace. Brilliant! Great combo if you were to ask me.

legallee blonde solid 14k yellow gold jewelry vancouver designer dainty jewelry

Then she decided to take off the Medallion and go solo with the shorter length to style her cute ruffled neck top. SO GOOD!

choker necklace solid 14k yellow gold jewelry vancouver designer aurum collection

In the next shot, Lee layered her Solitaire necklace with the Triangle and threw on a suite and called it a day! Easy breezy. Ready to go to court to defend someone.

office outfit legalllee blonde vancouver blogger layering necklaces jewelry designer


I believe in my Aurum collection and if you'd like to challenge the status quo, I'd suggest you check it out here.

All pieces owned by Lee are available on my website and you can have yours by clicking on the highlighted areas to place your orders in. 

street style summer 2019 layering necklaces solid 14k yellow gold vancouver designer katami designs

You can follow Lee on instagram @legalleeblonde for daily inspirations and updates 



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