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World of Katami

Jewelry design has always been an area of interest for Negar Khatami. She studied business at Simon Fraser University and spent years in the corporate world before realizing that climbing the corporate ladder would not bring her happiness. Negar attended courses in jewelry design at a local college in 2008, to feed her passion for creating unique jewelry. The first time she cut a piece of silver, she felt such a rush; she knew this was her calling. She pursued a master goldsmith and apprenticed under her for a time, learning as much as she could. Soon friends and strangers were inquiring how they too could own a piece of Negar's stunning handmade jewelry.

Negar Khatami's creations are heirlooms for today's modern woman. Negar is deeply influenced by history, the stories of our past, and the jewelry masters of yesterday, with each piece having a story behind it. Both nature and urban architecture influence her aesthetic. A little crooked branch found in Stanley Park was the inspiration for La Vie Collection. Where the Aevum Collection was inspired by Persian Medieval iconography, with a modern urban wearability.

Negar's heirloom jewelry defies the trend of mass produced costume jewelry. Each piece is made with love and with her own hands. To ensure superior quality, Negar does all her own castings and uses only sterling silver or 14 karat gold, and sometimes 18 karat gold. The signature of the line is the depth of detail of the jewelry. In 2010 Negar and her fiance´ opened a full production studio in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, where all of her pieces are manufactured and where all the magic happens. Furthermore, Negar welcomes people into the Vancouver jewelry studio to learn the art of silversmithing through one of her invigorating jewelry workshops.

Negar grew up in Tehran, Iran. In 1997 she moved to Canada to be free from the harsh political climate. She quickly fell in love with Vancouver's lush atmosphere and warm multicultural environment. She considers life in Vancouver a blessing and refers to herself as "The Desert Girl in the Rainforest". When she is not at work, Negar can be found enjoying nature, taking photographs, biking on the seawall of Stanley Park, travelling, or exploring the world for inspirations. Follow Negar on Instagram to keep up with her beautiful creations.
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