Jewelry Cleaning & Repair

Jewelry Repair

We here at Katami Designs know as well as anybody that the slightest knock to a beloved piece of jewelry can cause damage and render it unwearable. Whether it be the treasured ring passed down from your Grandmother and the stone fell out, or the chain broke on that darling necklace from the kids on your birthday last year, it happens! 

How many times have you hidden a broken piece of jewelry at the bottom of your collection? Why not bring it in to us here in our Vancouver jewelry studio and we can take a look. Maybe we can fix it up for you and get it looking pretty again. And if we don't think we can fix it, we can discuss some custom jewelry ideas where we could use the piece in a more modern new design for you. Jewelry is supposed to have meaning, and what does it mean if you forget about a once loved piece at the bottom of a drawer? Give your cherished pieces a new life. Call in today! 


Jewelry Cleaning

Does your jewelry have stains or marks that just seem impossible to remove? Is the vinegar trick just not getting your piece dazzling like it used to? Bring it in to our jewelry studio and we can get it sparkling like the day you first bought it. With our detailed cleaning and polishing methods, you'll fall in love with that ring, bracelet, or whatever it may be, all over again. Why wait?